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Reading that headline, you may be thinking that I met a famous rock star…and in a sense, I did. I attended a remodeling industry conference in Las Vegas. Besides my coaching practice, as a serial entrepreneur, I am still active in the remodeling industry as the...

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A True Game PLAN

With so many sports stars, they play their game as if it will be their career forever. However, as we all know, whether it’s an injury or just age, most professional sports careers are limited. We’ve all learned of athletes who flounder once their playing days are...

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Time To Think About Time

It’s November and you may be thinking…where did the time go? Another year almost over. Time does seem to fly, doesn’t it? I have this conversation with clients all the time. So many people just don’t seem to have enough hours in the day to accomplish everything they...

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My Life Is Four Cees

I know, a strange title so let me explain. The four cees in my life are, in no particular order: CLAN – my family is first and foremost. COACHING – I’m proud of the work I do through EMYTH as a Certified Coach. CONSULTING – It’s inspiring to work with entrepreneurs as...

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When, and when not, to NEGOTIATE

A close associate of mine is a Master Negotiator and a disciple of the KARRASS Win-Win Negotiating program, as well as what he believes to be even more relevant, MOBUS Creative Negotiating. Paul believes that everything is worth negotiating – prices, deadlines, terms...

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Sports and Success

I recently read an interesting interview with Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group. I learned that he had once aspired to become a professional tennis player. While that never happened, we all know of his success in the business world and his ranking as a...

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Event To Benefit ALL VETS USA

As a member of the board of ALL VETS USA, I get great satisfaction knowing that the money we raise goes to a great and necessary cause. Simply stated – we help fund other non-profit organizations who directly work to help our veterans. Please join me and our members...

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Business Is Business

One of the highlights of my summer was conducting two webinar workshops for VAPE Mentors, the first and largest provider of business training and consulting for the vape industry. I reviewed several key components from the EMYTH Coaching that I do – first, a “Business...

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Caring for Veterans Isn’t a Partisan Issue

A few months ago at a networking event, I met Jody Lang Bender, co-president and founder of All Vets USA.  The organization was created to raise much needed funds that are distributed to 501(c)(3) organizations providing hands-on services to veterans who have given so...

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Thanks Greg

I was reading an article about some of our Olympic heroes and found a story about Greg Louganis very inspiring. I vividly remember him banging his head on the diving springboard at the preliminaries in Seoul in 1988.  He required stitches and had a mild concussion...

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