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One of the highlights of my summer was conducting two webinar workshops for VAPE Mentors, the first and largest provider of business training and consulting for the vape industry. I reviewed several key components from the EMYTH Coaching that I do – first, a “Business Checkup” which touched on the Seven Dynamics of Business followed by “Understanding and Dealing with Finances,” a subject that so many fear, unnecessarily.

I was fortunate to have had a worldwide audience and continue to be in touch with a number of the attendees.

When I mentioned this to a friend, he asked, “What do you know about VAPING?” Since I don’t vape or smoke, I candidly replied, “Nothing.” But, I went on to explain that these shop owners have absolutely the same issues as every other client I work with. Whether someone chooses to open their own automotive repair shop or hang a shingle for their dental practice, there are universal challenges that every business faces.

I’ve never been a professional painter or a commercial videographer or a lawyer or a member of the clergy or a vape shop owner. These are just a few areas that my clients specialize in and according to them, despite the fact that I may not have specific experience in their particular field, I’ve helped them improve their businesses and their lives. And for me, that’s a challenge that I welcome and enjoy.

In closing, thanks to VAPE Mentors for choosing me and allowing me to help your members. I mean it and am NOT JUST BLOWING SMOKE!