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The Seven Dynamics

Your Business Ecosystem

Being It

The Disciplines

LEADERSHIP is about finding the heart of your business and embodying your unique product or service to a deeper level. It’s about discovering – or refining – why you do what you do; creating the culture, setting the tone for how you do business, not just for your employees, but for your customers.

BRAND is about turning the business into the product. It’s the “big picture” conversation you have with your customers – the thing you rarely say directly but they can feel. It’s how you do it that’s different than anyone else. Your brand guides all your activities – from slogans to colors – but it’s not the activity itself. Branding is the laboratory where you bridge your personal values with your end product.

FINANCE is having a real time view into how money is moving through every aspect of your company – from the prices you charge to your long term budgets – and making sure it’s all in line with your values and your brand.

MANAGEMENT is finding the right balance between people and systems. You are putting your brand into action internally by creating a place where people love to work because they feel empowered to achieve great results, and you’re developing the right systems and incentives to keep growing.

DELIVERY is how you treat people once they’ve purchased something from you. From the way you produce and deliver the product to how you offer support and assistance, it’s about giving your customers an experience that they got more value than they paid for – fulfilling on your brand promise.

SALES is the dialogue you have with people who have shown interest in your product or service. It’s about having an honest conversation where you proudly show off your product and at the same time are willing to turn off the wrong customers for the long term health of your business.

MARKETING is everything your business does actively to attract new customers. This is where you develop a strategy and a set of systems that ensures that your message is not just delivered consistently across whatever channels you choose – web, print, phone, mail – but that those channels complement each other to maximize your results.

Deepen The Ownership of Your Business

EMyth Coaching is a holistic approach that focuses on every part of your business starting with how you relate to it. You could call it a practical MBA. It’s designed to address the day-to-day realities you face as an owner while helping you develop and achieve a larger long term vision. In two hour long meetings a month, I will you guide you as we draw out your strengths, reflect your blind spots, and challenge you to re-imagine your work.