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So Why Choose Me?

Let me tell you about my career and why I may be able to help you.  But, first, let me warn you, I am not afraid to use the “F WORD.”

No, I won’t curse…that’s not the “F WORD” I’m referring to. Rather, “F” is for Failures.  I will tell you about my many successes, but I will also admit that there have been a number of my business ideas that have been downright failures, despite the fact that they looked sensational on paper. If you’re looking for someone who will only talk about positives, I’m not your guy.  However, if you want to deal with someone who has built a number of businesses that have been extremely profitable, but others that have failed, keep reading.  The mark of a true entrepreneur is not following a straight path with everything working out as planned.

The business world can throw you curves and I’ve had my share.  And, the same holds true with life in general.  I believe I have a track record of both wins and losses, in both business and beyond.  So as your coach, my goal will be to help you achieve a balance between your business life and your personal life.

I believe that balance is a major key to success, measured both in dollars and cents as well as the happiness of you, your business associates, and your loved ones. While I’ve primarily been involved in small-to-medium sized businesses doing between $750K and 1 million dollars on the low end, and $10 to $15 million on the upside, I can also add a great amount of real world insight into the dynamics of family businesses.

YES, I have been both a SOB and a SLOB…Son of a Boss and Son-in-Law of a Boss.  Additionally, I can guide you based on my experiences navigating the waters when your business is dependent on meeting the needs of major Corporate America.  Yes, as the “little guy,” I’ve sat in the boardrooms of SEARS, MACY’s, and The Home Depot, just to name a few.

I still am the president/CEO of several companies, but I have re-focused my life on coaching for a few reasons.  First, over the years, I have helped others in business become more successful.  I’ve enjoyed this but since these people were either personal friends or relatives, I’ve never charged a penny.  While it’s great to give back, with my coaching business, I get the best of both worlds – helping others while being fairly compensated for my time and expertise.  Also, I only work with people who I want to work with – people who share my values of hard work and integrity.

Yes, ethics are critical to me.  And finally, while I work hard, I also want to continue to enjoy my family life and my hobbies and outside interests. So, to practice what I preach, I have structured my coaching and consulting practice to be balanced and therefore, I limit the number of clients that I take on.

This is good for me, but it also reassures my clients that each one is highly valued. Two final points. First, as we spend time together, we will get to know one another on both a business and personal level.  This is critical because separating the two never fully achieves my goal of helping you get balance in your overall life.

The real secret is NO Secret! I value the candor and frankness, sometimes the laughter, and even the tears. I also understand my obligation to you of complete confidentiality. And finally, when you hire me, you’re getting the benefits of my credentials as a former EMyth-Certified Business Coach which exposed me to learning and teaching their decades-proven program for success in virtually every business discipline.



“I am a believer in the E-myth way of doing business. I completed the E-Myth Mastery Impact Training and am currently working one-on-one with business coach Stephen Klein.

When I started working with Stephen, I had been experiencing plenty of frustrations in my business. Over the past several months, Stephen has guided me through the process of analyzing my systems in detail in order to facilitate a smooth running operation. Using his advice and guidance has helped to transform my thought process, refine my systems, and focus on developing high-level business strategies.

In just two months we have covered a lot of ground. Stephen has guided me through refining my project workflows, terms of service, collections procedures, advertising, and negotiation.

Stephen Klein is a rock-star business coach and understands in nuanced detail all aspects of running a successful business. One of my favorite parts about working with Stephen is his ability to tailor the coaching sessions to specific issues that I need to develop, refine, or implement.  He is also proactive in doing research and connecting me with industry professionals to offer advice on specific issues.

I highly recommend Stephen as a business coach. He cares about what he is doing, is extremely knowledgeable, and is a friendly person to learn from.”

Pete Maric


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