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Working with Stephen Klein to implement the EMYTH process has been the biggest blessing for my business. What fascinates me is that even though Stephen is a busy man, he is always there for me in need of crises. Stephen’s knowledge and experience in the business world are remarkable. With his insight, Stephen has helped highlight some potential dangers, saving me many times from chaos. Stephen also has a great way of giving over his knowledge. I am also very grateful that Stephen has had to bring down the hammer to help me see reality, and then there are other times where he has practiced patience. Having Stephen by my side has changed business for me. What was once random moves in the hope that things will improve has now been revealed to me as an organized, systematic way to run a business. Any business that doesn’t have the systems and processing order is no business. There is no one better to help you get your business in order than Stephen.

Thanks for your support and help.

Tzvi Smith
Smith System

UPDATE…November 2021…after working with this client since 2017

Working with you (and living with my wife) has taught me that listening and learning from what others see and say is essential. I really appreciate your time and insight with everything and how you have helped me become the person in business I am today.





I’ve been working with Stephen for a few years now and I am more than satisfied with the results. Mostly he has helped me to Identify and gain clarity on business and personal life

When we started I was all over the place. I now have a vision for the future that would have felt impossible before we started.

The main difference between Stephen and other coaches I’ve had, is his real life experience. He has dealt with all the ups and downs of business as well the transitions necessary to scale your business and to establish the systems necessary to have the work life balance.

It is a pleasure being coached by Stephen and would recommend him to anyone looking to achieve success and get their life back on track.







I had time over the past few days to reflect on our journey together and realize how far my company has come. I am extremely grateful for your help and introducing me to EMyth. ElectroLights has grown from $800,000 in annual sales to $6,000,000 in the short three years we’ve been working together but if I have learned anything, it is that sales growth means very little unless you are doing it correctly.


Technical to Methodical – Transitioning my mindset of getting the job done to being entrepreneurial was the key to my success. Building an ElectroLights’ foundation with you over the past 3 years has provided confidence moving forward. Implementing processes that enable smooth growth has changed my way of thinking.


Hands-On to Leading – Being a leader plays into the technician mindset versus the entrepreneur mindset. I learned how to put my team in positions to succeed and work towards their strengths while accomplishing my vision.


Vulnerable to Protected – Insurance, contracts, agreements, etc. are all things ElectroLights was lacking before we started working together. Getting away from defense mode and into offensive mode was crucial.


Working Solo to Surrounding Myself with Professionals – “Knowing what I do not know” will always stick with me. Understanding what needs to happen year in and year out is critical. By surrounding myself with the right people, I am  providing the confidence I need to capture my goals.


Employee Management, Implementing Processes to Scale, and Avoiding Potholes that come with Growth are all lessons you have taught me. The difference of where I was compared to where I am now is night and day. I reference the EMyth program daily and even started having my employees reference the worksheet packets for their own success.


Thank you Steve and EMyth for the continuous help!


Mike Cataline, Owner, ElectroLights
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Coaching was a “BRIGHT” Decision


When I was first introduced to EMyth, it immediately resonated with me. I knew that I could continue to read and try to do things on my own, but like most people, I knew that I would get sidetracked at some point and feared that whatever time I put in would be wasted to some degree.


The idea of having a coach seemed logical, but I was skeptical until I first spoke with Stephen Klein and he offered me a complimentary coaching session.  Stephen had an uncanny ability to get inside my head and we immediately bonded. I made the commitment to work with him as my Emyth Coach and had certain expectations of what he could do to help me in my business and my personal life.  While he has met those expectations, he has brought so much added value to our relationship.  


Yes, we have our scheduled sessions but on a number of occasions, I’ve needed his advice and he’s always been there.  He’s not at all a clock watcher and he’s spent extra time with me anytime I’ve needed it.  He’s gotten to really understand my business and helped me put in a better structure that will allow me to grow.  This is critical since I have landed the LED lighting contract for a major fast food restaurant chain.  I’m finally getting a better handle on my financials and have taken steps to protect my assets through having the right insurance policies, legal agreements and accounting systems.  On one tax issue alone, Stephen has saved me over $50K, an amount that could easily have escalated into several hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Investing in coaching has already paid off big time. 


I am becoming a better leader which is resulting in my employees and subcontractors becoming more engaged in the business. This is translating to increased sales, increased profitability, and allowing us to introduce new products and services.


Business is a challenge and it’s nice to have someone who understands me and my vision along for the ride.  Thanks Stephen!


Mike Cataline, Owner, ElectroLights
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“Steve is truly a member of our team.  He is passionate about business and business coaching.  As artists, our expertise lies in being creative and fulfilling creative needs.  Steve’s expertise is understanding the principles of how all businesses work, quickly identifying the unique aspects of his clients’ business, and helping them thrive in their market.   His expertise was greatly needed


“When we hired Steve, we were getting desperate.  We were quickly running out of money.  Steve helped us focus on “getting the cash register ringing” and getting paid quicker after booking work.  After only 3 months, he helped us book a job that covered his costs for the 1st year!  It’s his willingness to go the extra mile, make connections outside his coaching responsibilities, and wealth of experience that make him stand out in the world of business coaches.  We are confident about our future with Steve Klein on our team.”


Eric Aumen


aumen brothers





“I am a believer in the E-myth way of doing business. I completed the E-Myth Mastery Impact Training and am currently working one-on-one with business coach Stephen Klein.


When I started working with Stephen, I had been experiencing plenty of frustrations in my business. Over the past several months, Stephen has guided me through the process of analyzing my systems in detail in order to facilitate a smooth running operation. Using his advice and guidance has helped to transform my thought process, refine my systems, and focus on developing high-level business strategies.


In just two months we have covered a lot of ground. Stephen has guided me through refining my project workflows, terms of service, collections procedures, advertising, and negotiation.


Stephen Klein is a rock-star business coach and understands in nuanced detail all aspects of running a successful business. One of my favorite parts about working with Stephen is his ability to tailor the coaching sessions to specific issues that I need to develop, refine, or implement.  He is also proactive in doing research and connecting me with industry professionals to offer advice on specific issues.


I highly recommend Stephen as a business coach. He cares about what he is doing, is extremely knowledgeable, and is a friendly person to learn from.”


Pete Maric



“Stephen has an amazing ability to connect with people and is passionate about developing strong, lasting business partnerships.


He has been my mentor since 1996, well before becoming a business coach.  He has advised and helped me as well as many other entrepreneurs.


Always there…always ready to help…and great at what he does.


The old saying, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life,” really applies to Stephen.


He knows business and he loves helping people.”


Michael Levin
SkyFireLEDs and LightingOEM ™ CEO – Orlando, Florida