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With the divide in our country more noticeable today than ever, in great part due to social media, so many business leaders believe that they need to take a position on social issues. In fact, in a study from the Brunswick Group, over 60 percent of corporate CEO’s believe that they should speak out. Well, if this study is accurate, the flip side of the coin revealed the total opposite from consumers. Over 60 percent of them aren’t interested – all they want is for the company to provide a great product or service…and candidly, mind their own business.


I suggest that every businessperson consider this before they waste their time giving opinions which are best shared with close family and friends. Stick to the core of what your company does and instill this in your employees. Focus on making the very best product or providing service that exceeds expectations. Keep your marketing message relevant in terms of what your company offers, and if appropriate, be entertaining and not so serious. That’s what people are looking for, despite what other marketing may indicate.


By the way, should this posting have attracted any of our Hollywood idols, personally I watch you and support you at the box office for your TALENT, and not your social commentary and political opinions.


And let me add – if I need a medical opinion, I’ll be seeing my doctor, not the remote on my television.


If you agree, or disagree, I’d love to hear from you.