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There’s an old expression that I find meaningful. “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you’re standing still.”

Think about this in terms of your business. Despite all the recent challenges that every business has faced, you may find yourself doing well. You’re making money and enjoying your life. The right decision may be to just continue what you’re doing, and that may work out fine. But odds are, given the constant changes in the world, what you’re doing today may not work as well tomorrow. And tomorrow, could mean next month, next year, or further down the road.

Conversely, you may be thinking that with business so good, it may be the right time to expand, and multiply your profits. This may be a sound thought, or it could be a big mistake. And if you have partners, they may be thinking just the opposite. Who’s right?

The above scenarios are ones that I typically encounter when I take on a new client. The decisions you’ll need to make won’t be simple ones, and it’s a proven fact that you’ll be better off by not attempting to navigate this on your own. I sometimes work with business leaders on a short-term basis, ensuring they go about their expansion process with their eyes wide open. I often advise clients not to expand, at least not at the current time. Those engagements are usually truly short term (LOL), but that’s fine with me. If I do my job properly, it might just pay off in a future engagement, or as often happens, a referral.

So, wherever you are as far as planning your future, let’s have an initial conversation which I am happy to do at no charge. If we do decide to work together, amazingly enough, we’ll both know it; somehow, it’ll just feel right.