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A few months ago at a networking event, I met Jody Lang Bender, co-president and founder of All Vets USA.  The organization was created to raise much needed funds that are distributed to 501(c)(3) organizations providing hands-on services to veterans who have given so much of their lives to make our way of life possible.

As Jody spoke about the remarkable work being done by so many organizations and their caring volunteers with big hearts, I couldn’t help but be impressed. And as the title of this blog indicates, this is not a political issue.  It is an issue that we as Americans must address. We need to ensure that returning military are treated for any physical or mental issues they encountered, and are able to transition well back into civilian life.

While I never served in the military, I do have a tremendous respect for those who did in great part because of my family members. My late father was in the Army, my older brother Ray was in the Airforce and my late father-in-law was a Marine who served in the South Pacific during World War II.

Over the years, I’ve met many people involved in non-profit causes.  The good ones always have a charisma that attracts others to their cause.  They also have an uncanny ability to read other people. Jody is no exception. She sensed that she had struck a nerve with me and before I knew it, she invited me to be on her board. I was flattered but at first resisted since my plate is pretty full. I told Jody that I was on the fence and she invited me to a board meeting. Once I met the other members, I was sold.  I hope to bring my business expertise to this organization to help them grow and expand the number of veterans they help.

As I stated, I never served this country in uniform. In many ways, I wish I had. Maybe this is my calling to fulfill that obligation.

To learn more, please visit www.AllVetsUSA.org