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As I speak with anxious clients, I always remind them to take a deep breath and then think about their Company Values and Brand Promise, established long before this crisis ever reared its ugly head. This way, they’re more certain to have confidence to act with integrity.

There are several steps involved with this, and here are a few key areas for you to consider.

  • Assess the Current Impact:
    • Review current financial statements and compare to forecasts before the crisis.
    • Review production capabilities.
    • Review staffing.
    • Review customers.
    • From the above, you’ll have a more complete picture of how the current crisis is impacting the business right now. Try to quantify as much as possible to best identify the biggest challenges and the top opportunities.
  • People Needs – Caring for the Employees who have cared for your business:
    • Give them a way to express their concerns, fears, and challenges.
    • Ask what support they need from you.
    • Never forget that people may be impacted differently based on age, income, or family situations.
    • Develop a communications plan for your employees.
  • What your Customers Need:
    • How is this crisis impacting them and how does this relate to how you meet their needs?
    • How will you communicate with them and how often?
    • What do you need to know from them?

These are just a few key areas to explore. If you’re following my BLOGS, you’re hopefully seeing a pattern of not just shooting from the hip. As a big believer in EMyth, it is given me a roadmap to navigate myself and others through the expected…and more importantly, the unexpected.

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Image by Carola Schöttler from Pixabay