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As a business coach, when I urge clients to do some things that may not come easy, they probably believe I am being too tough of a taskmaster. I get it! It’s no different than how I felt with some of my teachers when I was a student. Only years later did I realize that the tougher the teacher, the more I learned.

In any event, I am always preaching the importance of a comprehensive backup plan. Let’s put aside the importance of backing up your data in the event of a computer issue. That’s critical, but I’d like to discuss the HUMAN ELEMENT of a backup plan and how I fortunately have been practicing what I’ve been preaching.

Recently, I got hit with the Corona Virus…in a big way. I was hospitalized and saw firsthand everything I had read and seen in the media. It was terrible watching people being wheeled down the hallway at the end of their life, doctors and nurses overworked and exhausted both mentally and physically, the lack of supplies, including simple items like blankets. And I felt sicker than I ever remembered. And scared!

Fortunately, I am in good physical shape and despite how horrible I felt, my hospital stay was relatively short and I’m probably feeling about 90 percent of my old self as I write this.

When I realized that I would be out of commission for an unspecified period of time, I instructed my wife to retrieve and follow a document I had created years ago, and fortunately had just updated a few months ago. That was it…done deal. For the next two weeks, I never even asked what was happening regarding my businesses.

As a serial entrepreneur, I am involved in quite a few ventures. My wife followed my plan and informed my partners and key associates, and they knew exactly what to do, without missing a beat. My businesses ran flawlessly. The only interruption was with my coaching clients. Each person was informed of my situation and told that they would receive weekly updates regarding my condition. When the time was right, each person would be rescheduled for their one-on-one session with me. By the way, because I am an International Certified EMyth Coach, they were contacted as well. If I were to be out of commission for an extended period, EMyth would have been prepared to work with my clients.

I am back to operating at 100% and am thankful to a former mentor of mine who insisted I have this plan, despite how I fought him tooth and nail.

If you want help (and a push) creating your backup plan, please reach out.

Stay well!