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Back in the “good old days,” like earlier this year (LOL), business owners were more easily able to evaluate their employees. It may not have been a perfect system, but if someone always seemed to show up on time and they looked productive, hey they were doing a good job, right?  Well, maybe or maybe not!

Fast forward to today when so many people are working remotely. Questions now arise, or should arise, as to that employee’s true productivity. The distance factor certainly adds a level of complexity.

When you think about this, a real issue comes to the surface.  Did your company truly have a proper evaluation process in place, even before the pandemic shook everything up?

So many business owners that I speak with readily admit that they may have gotten off track in how they measure productivity. And a lot of this has to do with expectations never having been properly established.

The good news is that you can easily improve employee performance with a simple practice of creating Position Agreements.

The issue of people not meeting (let alone exceeding) expectations in their work often has little to do with specific employees and everything to do with the lack of clarity around the results they’re responsible for creating and the standards they’re expected to follow in the process.

That’s where Position Agreements or Position Contracts come in. These documents help clarify people’s roles and responsibilities and give them clear guidelines for their work. With this, everyone can be on the same page and you can get the consistent results you’re after.

If this makes sense, let’s talk. I’ll happily review just how easy this process can be, and even get you a free copy of the EMYTH Guide to writing Position Agreements.

To begin, let me lay out an expectation – YOU need to reach out to me to begin the conversation. Agreed?