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Money…managing (or not managing) it properly has roots that go way back for all of us. And it usually comes up when I speak with prospective coaching clients.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll relate the things I hear and what I view as the critical money issues that can negatively impact a business.

The first one involves AVOIDING Money Issues with a statement like, “I didn’t get into business to deal with finances.”

Many of you can probably relate to this. It’s very common with people who are truly struggling with the financials involved in their business. Most often, these are people who attempt to avoid dealing with anything related to key financial information. Other than those who are in the financial industry itself, it’s not unusual that people are lacking in financial know-how. And, as the old saying goes, when you don’t know what you don’t know, the common response is to ignore it completely.

However, as the owner and leader of your business, you can’t avoid your cash flow or your numbers—at least, not if you want your business to last. Eventually, the money is going to make you pay attention, like it or not. This may finally happen when your situation gets so critical that you have no choice but to take a closer look.

Candidly, more than any other area of your business, your Finance System is where you want to be proactive rather than reactive. 

I can show you how to become more comfortable understanding your numbers and how you can better take control of your finances. I’ll make this less intimidating, so please reach out and let’s explore, with no obligation on your part.


PS: Thanks to Kirstin Fulton, a Content Creator for EMyth, for much of this content and what I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks.