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“Quickly” may not even be the best word to describe the world we’re living in. Think back, not years or even months, but just a few weeks ago. For many of our fellow citizens, especially seniors and other vulnerable groups, just getting an appointment for the first Covid vaccination seemed impossible. Fast forward to today and you’ll see offers of free beer, pot (yes, marijuana), doughnuts, US Savings Bonds, and other incentives, including chances to win money, trips, and vehicles. Who would have thought?

Here’s another example. One of my businesses, NAPAC, is an association whose members are elite remodeling contractors from across the country. By using the collective volume of our members, we negotiate services like credit card processing, financing, and marketing services on everyone’s behalf. The result is every member, no matter how big or small, benefits more than they could ever do on their own. The lifeblood of our member companies has always been dependent on getting leads; new opportunities to sell home improvements. We worked hard to bring programs to our members just for that purpose. Sounds smart, right? The problem is, today, our members have been experiencing record sales and they don’t need more leads – they need quicker turnaround of materials and a labor force ready and able to do the installations.

I have always preached having a well-thought-out business plan. Yes, you still need one, BUT you MUST build in contingencies and be able to make changes QUICKLY as the market dictates.  

I’m posting this now, before my words are outdated!


Photo by Djim Loic on Unsplash