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About this time every year, I remind my clients that if they haven’t already begun, now is the right time to begin planning for business in the new year. It’s never received with a thrilling response. Most people dread the process involving projected sales, payroll and other budget considerations, new business opportunities, etc. The challenge is having a crystal ball to know what the future holds.

If the above is the norm from the past, this year, you really need to magnify the difficulty of the planning process by a factor of ten or more.

For some clients, I’ve given them a pass until the election results are in. But even then, as we all know, we’re all still facing uncertainly given the continuing pandemic. However, as challenging, and complicated as this makes it, we still need to begin planning, but with some good contingencies built-in.

You need to bring structure to your goals and business needs for 2021 with as much clarity and flexibility as possible. Take a step back to view your business today, the big picture. Think about this past year and what has worked and what hasn’t. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your people. I’ve done this with my own companies over the years as well as helping clients that I coach. The one common denominator is the procrastination that we all go through. Trust me, once you have a good outline as to what needs to be included, as you begin the process, it does become easier.

It’s not a debate as to whether or not you need a comprehensive plan. You do! I can help you get started and ensure that the process will not be as painful as you’ve endured in the past.

Step 1 in the planning process…REACH OUT! We’ll talk and I’ll even provide you with a planning guide, all at no cost.