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No, this is not about a client deciding they no longer needed coaching. Unfortunately, it is about the passing of a client. And he did not succumb to complications from the Corona Virus.

Stefan Aarnio was an award-winning, self-made real estate investor and entrepreneur. He founded a company that marketed his techniques through books, journals, educational courses, and live speaking engagements. While some found him controversial, he had a strong fan/customer base and built a very successful business.

As other astute business people often do, he was smart enough to recognize that he didn’t have all the answers and turned to EMyth. I was fortunate enough to become his coach.

EMyth talks about the importance of having a Strategic Objective (Vision) of your business. You need to have a vision of what you want your business to achieve and although you may modify it along the way, when you hit a fork in the road, you’ll be better prepared to pick the right path.

After coaching Stefan for several years and helping him grow his business to the next level, we had many conversations to better define his vision. As we made progress, he got hit with an unexpected blow, a medical diagnosis of what would be a deadly cancer. At the young age of 32, Stefan was optimistic but knew our time together needed to accelerate on some critical areas of planning.

EMyth founded Michael Gerber emphasizes the need to plan for how you’ll ultimately sell your company or perpetuate it after you’re gone. And this is critical, whether you’re just starting out or a long-established entity, no matter what your age. And in Stefan’s case, we unfortunately had to quickly delve into areas such as Estate Planning and other end-of-life discussions.

Before the diagnosis, we were working on building a better infrastructure, so this just made us accelerate the process. We immediately began to upgrade all his systems and personnel because he knew he would eventually no longer be able to come to the office daily.

Unfortunately, a year later, and just a few months shy of his 34th birthday, Stephan Aarnio died. His business was important to him and while I am emotionally saddened to see him lose a valiant fight, I find comfort knowing I was able to do my part in ensuring the perpetuation of his company through a smooth transition for his family and employees.

Rest in Peace Stefan!