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Reading that headline, you may be thinking that I met a famous rock star…and in a sense, I did.

I attended a remodeling industry conference in Las Vegas. Besides my coaching practice, as a serial entrepreneur, I am still active in the remodeling industry as the president of a company that services elite contractors across the country.

When I looked at the conference agenda, I saw that Michael E. Gerber would be a keynote speaker. Gerber is an entrepreneurship guru and author of the top-selling E-Myth series of business books. I read one of his books over 35 years ago and it truly changed my life. In fact, it was his teachings that ultimately led me to E-Myth to become a coach myself.

I always wanted to meet him and let him know the impact he has had on my life.

Well, my dream became a reality. I was introduced to him and hearing my story, he seemed genuinely happy to meet me. When he was introduced on stage, I was flattered to be singled out as an industry-insider who is also a disciple of his teachings.

He’s now a young 82 and still dynamic. The audience of several hundred people showed their appreciation of his talk with a standing ovation, led by this Gerber Groupie!