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I recently saw a TikTok video about living better and it really resonated with me. It listed the six things that mentally strong people do. I consider myself mentally strong and am not suggesting that this has anything to do with intelligence, so don’t get the impression that I am claiming to be a genius. I’m not, but I am a happy guy and according to my friends and coaching clients, this can be infectious, in a good way of course.

Here are the attributes that were mentioned:

  • Mentally strong people move on and don’t waste time feeling sorry for themselves.
  • They embrace change and welcome challenges.
  • They stay happy and don’t waste time on things they can’t control.
  • They are kind, fair, and not afraid to speak up.
  • They are willing to take calculated risks.
  • They celebrate other people’s success and they don’t resent it.

That last one is especially important when you’re a business coach. My greatest success is when I see others succeed, knowing that I played a part.

If this resonates with you, I’d be HAPPY to speak with you about your business and your life!