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I know, a strange title so let me explain. The four cees in my life are, in no particular order:

  1. CLAN – my family is first and foremost.
  2. COACHING – I’m proud of the work I do through EMYTH as a Certified Coach.
  3. CONSULTING – It’s inspiring to work with entrepreneurs as they build their businesses.
  4. CONNECTING – Invaluable…and here’s what I mean.

I have over 10,000 contacts in my IPHONE. True, some are relatives and friends that probably won’t impact my business, and yes, some may be retired, in dramatically different positions, or even dare I say, gone from our planet.

However, between the remaining contacts gathered over my 40 plus year career, there is still a heck of lot of great value to what I’ve accumulated.

Let me a cite a few examples:

  1. I connected two of my clients resulting in a $140K sale of lighting fixtures.
  2. I connected a client to my accountant who saved him $70K in taxes.
  3. I connected a client to an IT person who is developing software for far less than ever imagined…and in record time that will lead to a multi-million dollar idea of 21 years becoming reality in less than nine months.
  4. I connected two other clients resulting in one of the clients generating revenue in their first quarter surpassing all of last year’s sales.
  5. I’ve connected some of my clients to trusted attorneys, financial experts, payroll services, human resources and various other sources that have helped them immeasurably.
  6. And finally, yet another client was connected to a new source that now allows him to quadruple his ability to collect bad debt.

I am not bragging but rather, when a prospective client asks me what my service will cost them, I simply reply with confidence that I am not an expense. Rather, view me similar to good marketing. When I invested $100 in an ad, I expected at least $1000 in sales. That made marketing an investment, not an expense. When you partner with me, that’s what I’ll work to do for you. SO, LET’S CONNECT!