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If you and your partner/s are having issues, conflict resolution is a powerful tool to consider. Sometimes, no matter how well you communicate, you can’t come to an agreement. That’s why you need to also plan for who will be the ultimate decider in moments like these. Here’s why. In the moment when a big decision needs to be made, emotions are high, so there’s more room for conflict. It’s simpler, more effective, and less emotional if there’s no question of who will make that decision.

In a two-person partnership, stakeholder decisions often fall to the CEO. But the more people in the partnership, the more complex the situation and the more defined you must be.

In any relationship, it’s hard to be honest in the tough times (and sometimes even in the good times). But to have a strong partnership, one that can get through the highs and lows of developing your business, you need to be honest with each other all the time. If this is already a challenge, get help. Bring in a mediator. Sometimes, clients have asked me to be that person.

Even great partners sometimes need help finding common ground and space to look at each other without judgement. They need to see that even though they’re very different people, they can come together on their shared vision for the company. A mediator facilitates finding alignment so you can grow your business.

In conclusion, to have alignment in your partnership, each partner needs clarity, a shared vision, and a set of rules for how they’ll relate to their role and to each other. But most of all, you need thoughtful and constructive communication. With that, aligning on how to build your business becomes not only simpler, it becomes possible.

As I’ve learned from my fellow EMYTH Coach Adam Traub and in my own practice, partnerships can improve through the coaching process. If you struggle as partners and would like to know more about how coaching can help you better grow your business together, let’s schedule some time to talk…at no charge or obligation on your part. At that price, free, that’s something all partners can easily agree on.