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I recently read an interesting interview with Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group. I learned that he had once aspired to become a professional tennis player. While that never happened, we all know of his success in the business world and his ranking as a billionaire.

Interestingly, he relates his success to the game of tennis. And he’s not the first. Other studies have shown that playing sports early in life is correlated with greater success in business. Competitive sports can teach discipline, teamwork and leadership skills.

Sir Richard stated, “Tennis, like business, moves so quickly that if you dwell on the past for even a few minutes, an opportunity will have passed and the moment will be lost.” I have yet to meet a successful entrepreneur who hasn’t had his or her share of failings along the way. If you’re starting out, be prepared for setbacks. Don’t spend an inordinate amount of time brooding and over analyzing. Instead, quickly learn from your mistakes and move on.

And yes, the road to success can be lonely with many hidden obstacles. That’s why so many business people ultimately team up with a coach for the extra set of eyes (and ears) and their impartiality. If this hits home with you, let’s talk…maybe over a games of tennis or a couple rounds of golf!