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I was reading an article about some of our Olympic heroes and found a story about Greg Louganis very inspiring.

I vividly remember him banging his head on the diving springboard at the preliminaries in Seoul in 1988.  He required stitches and had a mild concussion which made him the underdog. Despite that, he won two gold medals, adding to the two he had won in the ’84 Los Angeles Games.

I love rooting for the underdog and as a coach, many of the clients I take on are struggling and feel like the underdog. It is a thrill to work with them and help them realize that they have more power than they ever imagined. As they experience success, I’m along for the ride…and it’s a “high” for me that I find hard to describe in mere words.

Several years after the Olympics, Greg gave his 10-meter gold medal to his coach, Ron O’Brien. “We were so in sync,” Louganis said. “I am a firm believer that you don’t achieve greatness on your own.”

I imagine Coach O’Brien was touched when he received that tribute as I have been when clients have simply thanked me for helping them help themselves. Here’s to your success!