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No one can argue with the topic of this posting, right?

However, what one could argue is whether the mind being so powerful is good or bad.

Let me explain where I’m heading with this.

The more I coach others, the more I realize that people often get stuck in a paradigm of sorts and as such, they don’t recognize that many of their habits and beliefs are not serving them well. And in many cases, these bad habits and beliefs can really be hurting them. Their current mindset is powerful, as mentioned above, but it’s powerful in a negative way. It’s blocking them from reaching their goals.

My job as a coach is to listen and when I detect this issue, I point it out and attempt to show them that there are potentially better ways to help them achieve their goals and dreams. Sometimes, my advice is not direct but often through conversation, they discover alternatives on their own. And when this happens, it’s even better because they’re more open to change when it’s their idea, reinforced by me, and then potentially, others in their business – partners and employees, or family.

The process isn’t as difficult as you might think but without an independent and trustworthy advisor, it can be hard or even impossible to achieve.

As always, my “door” is open; reach out for some conversation with no strings attached!

— Stephen