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Like me, you’re probably inundated with messages addressing the current pandemic. Everyone is feeling the pain, some certainly more than others.

At age 67 with years of experience as a businessperson, coach and serial entrepreneur, I thought I had seen it all. Obviously, I hadn’t. That got me thinking about this a bit differently than some.

Here’s the scenario. Think about this happening before the times we’re in now.

Imagine you had a medical issue and you scheduled an appointment with your doctor. Yes, before your visit, you went on the internet trying to self-diagnose, probably scaring yourself half to death for no reason. But in any event, your expectations were simple – show and tell the doctor, he or she would immediately recognize the problem, write you a prescription, and voila, you’d be relieved and on your way to a full and speedy recovery.

Coach Stephen -- Coaching

How would you have reacted if your doctor looked totally puzzled? You’d probably be scared! A good doctor would admit that he’d figure it out and candidly, someone admitting they don’t know everything can be reassuring, despite the fact that’s not what you expected.

That’s kind of how I’m viewing this virus and the havoc it’s having on our lives, which of course includes our livelihoods.

As an EMyth Business Coach, I guide my clients in many areas, including thinking about many “what ifs.” And I try to practice what I preach. At first, like the doctor without a clue, I felt stunned and vulnerable. I needed to have answers for myself and my patients, or should I say, my clients. I was thrilled when EMyth Corporate scheduled a call for us to partner with other coaches…worldwide. After reaffirming that no one is immune from the pandemic, we got our bearings to help guide our efforts for ourselves and our clients.

The spread of Coronavirus is new territory for all of us, and I can help you see clearly when you may be struggling to find clarity. You don’t have to face anything alone. I can share actionable advice and tools you can use to navigate change and adapt to the new circumstances we all find ourselves in.

An hour or so of my time will be at no charge with no strings attached. I am fortunate that I am financially secure and able to do this. Candidly, I believe if I can truly help others in need, it will help me as well.