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With so many sports stars, they play their game as if it will be their career forever. However, as we all know, whether it’s an injury or just age, most professional sports careers are limited.

We’ve all learned of athletes who flounder once their playing days are over. While many do plan for their next chapter in life, it was refreshing to read a story about Trevor Booker, a forward with my hometown basketball team, the 76ers.

Sarah Todd, a writer with The Philadelphia Inquirer, told the story of this serial entrepreneur.

While he’s playing the game, and earning the big bucks, he has been busy with his former college roommate in the ownership of 12 companies, with more on the horizon.

Booker wants to be a billionaire. It’s a lofty goal that is shared by so many others, not just professional athletes. Here’s the difference – Trevor made a plan while still in college, and he is intelligently working that plan. Booker and his partner, Jonah Baize, started a basketball academy that once successful, prompted them to the next step – scalability.

Today, they have grown that venture into a group of private high schools with campuses in six states. They also have a venture capital firm that invests in other companies.

Booker, 30, openly admits that he has made some bad investments and lost money, but he uses the negatives to learn what not to do again. As a business coach, I applaud his efforts. Maybe one day in the not-too-distant future, the City of Philadelphia will honor him and his teammates with a parade like they’ve had for the Phillies and the Eagles.

I would like nothing more to congratulate him on his athletic prowess…and his business acumen!

— Stephen

PS: After writing this article, Trevor Booker signed with the Indiana Pacers after his release from the 76ers. I am still hopeful for an NBA Championship in Philly and wish Trevor the best with his career, on and off the court.