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Steve Sabol is joining his father Ed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. They were the geniuses behind NFL Films, the greatest sports filmmaking company in history that helped make the NFL the giant money-maker that it is today.

Steve died at age 69 in 2012 after an 18-month battle with brain cancer. His father Ed outlived him and passed away in February of 2015.

According to an article I read in The Philadelphia Inquirer, a nameplate reading, “The King of Football Movies,” still sits on Steve’s desk at the company’s headquarters in Mt. Laurel, NJ.

Also sitting on his desk are notes with some of his favorite sayings including this one, “A great orchestra can play on even when the conductor steps down.”

That resonated with me and it’s what I talk with clients about all the time.

When Steve took the reins from his dad, the company continued to grow and prosper. And now, even though both men are gone, their company still flourishes. That’s a real tribute to them and a lesson that every business owner needs to better understand.

In closing, another of Steve’s favorite sayings also remains on his desk. “Did you make someone laugh today?” Good advice!