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In business, that question should probably NOT be on the top of your list. The reason is simple. What may be important to you may not be important to others who you rely on for your success.

You may think that as a consumer, low price is a key driver. For your customers, professionalism/expertise in what you’re providing may top their list as the key reason they choose you over a competitor.

When hiring individuals, especially people younger than you, don’t relate what you used to look for when you were starting out. Time off may be more important than actual earnings. Getting paid daily versus weekly or bi-weekly may be more of a reason why someone would work for your company versus another.

When we do our own “internal” marketing research, it’s easy to just assume what’s logical to us. Don’t! Ask others and while you may be surprised by their answers, you’ll make smarter business decisions that will ultimately help you achieve what is truly important to you.


Photo by fotografierende on Unsplash